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Nicole of Milton Keynes

Your time with me
... will be filled with memories that will keep you smiling for a long time to come and those new to escorting or have not visited me before, you will find I am a very friendly girl and really easy to get on with. If you are nervous, don’t be! I will make sure we both have an amazing time together, and I can both lead and be led (astray).
When booking my time, please feel free to request that I wear a particular outfit or look you like, or ask for a specific role play / fantasy scenario - I always love these and much fun can be had! You can also confirm if the escort services you are after are available (for those not already mentioned).
I will usually give you directions to a safe location to park close by and ask that you call me so that I can guide you the last few steps to my place, which is very discreet.
I will let you in to reveal the outfit (or lack of!) you requested, or something sexy for your pleasure.
I require you at this point to settle all fees by handing me the correct payment in cash only, in an unsealed envelope or directly to me so that we can then relax and enjoy ourselves ;-)
I do offer shower facilities in case you have not had the opportunity to have a recent shower (e.g. coming straight from work), and I also try to have light refreshments on hand.
From this point on, I can assure you an fantastic experience you will not forget...